Does the INSTRUMENT 1 ship internationally?

The INSTRUMENT 1 ships to select countries worldwide. The current list of countries we ship to can be seen below. Sign up for our mailing list for announcements of new countries open for shipping. Please note that the recipient of international shipments is responsible for all applicable customs duties (approximately 5%) and local sales taxes, which are collected by the carrier upon delivery.

When will INSTRUMENT 1 orders ship?

The INSTRUMENT 1 is available in the U.S. and most countries. We have entered manufacturing, and will begin shipping in late May. We will be shipping to Kickstarter backers first, followed by non-Kickstarter pre-order customers. Orders placed today will ship in July, 2016.

How does the referral program work?

Using this link, sign-up to receive a personalized referral link that you'll be able to share with your friends so they can receive $25 off their pre-order. We’ll send you $25 via PayPal for each friend you refer who pre-orders. You can refer as many people as you’d like.

I’m a Kickstarter backer. Does this affect my pledge?

Nope. This pre-order is separate from the Kickstarter campaign, and it does not change your pledge on Kickstarter.

What do the strap and case look like?

Final designs for the custom strap and soft case are still in development. The strap will be specially designed to work with a fastening mechanism on the INSTRUMENT 1. The case will have similar features to an instrument gig bag, and is custom designed for the INSTRUMENT 1.

What comes with the INSTRUMENT 1?

All INSTRUMENT 1’s will include a power adapter, and USB to Lightning cable. The Artiphon iOS app for the INSTRUMENT 1 will be available for free in the App Store.

Does the INSTRUMENT 1 work with Android?

The INSTRUMENT 1 is a class-compliant USB MIDI and audio device, and can play any MIDI-compatible software. We have done extensive testing on OS X, Windows, and iOS platforms. Currently, we are developing the Artiphon companion App to be native to iOS. Android support at this time is experimental.

Does the INSTRUMENT 1 produce any sound by itself?

The INSTRUMENT 1 needs to be connected to a sound-generating device: iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, or USB Synth. That device will receive MIDI notes from the INSTRUMENT 1 and translate them into sound data. If that device is USB audio compliant (most of the above listed platforms are), the INSTRUMENT 1 will play sound through its built-in speakers. You can optionally choose to plug in headphones or output sound from the connected device itself, bypassing the speakers on the INSTRUMENT 1.

Will there be a Mac or Windows app to customize the INSTRUMENT 1?

We are launching with a focus on iOS for configuration and performance. We are also planning to develop streamlined apps for OS X and Windows to configure the INSTRUMENT 1 for use with DAWs and other software instruments.

Can I plug it into my amp?

Yup. It works with any amp, stereo system, or other speakers. All you need is an 1/8" (headphone jack) to 1/4" (instrument cable) or RCA adapter.


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